Steroid Buying Guide

Steroid Buying Guide

Everyday internet getting more involved in our lives. You can almost buy anything online including roids. Unfortunately due to legal issues this market has much more scams than average. It’s full of fake sites and scams so I decided to post legit steroid websites and scammers regularly in this blog.
Here are some quick tips for people looking to buy steroids online:

How to buy steroids online?

  1. Never buy anabolic steroids with your credit card. They can be traced and steroids are illegal so simple. Don’t trust sources accepting credit cards. Pay with anonymous methods such as; Money Transfers, Bank Transfers, Bitcoin, etc. Also some sources accepts cash in the mail but it’s too risky.
  2. Always risk the amount you can handle. Place small trial orders first, after few orders you can buy in bulk.
  3. Choose sites in the business for a long time. Do not order from recently launched websites with stupid domain names full of keywords and hyphens.
  4. Prefer official UG lab. reseller suppliers. As they are approved sellers they do have stock so they should be legit.
  5. Do not place orders at websites selling discontinued products. It’s crazy I see some guys still selling gear which are no more produced for years.
  6. Please get this in your mind there is no legal steroids. If you see stuff advertised as legal they are either scammer or selling herbal shit.
  7. Before buying, ask seller some questions and check how good is their customer support; response time, attitude, knowledge….
  8. Check listed product pictures, should look originally taken. Also a nice site design is a good indicator of the quality.


I already posted few reputable sources, they are tested and confirmed. Will put more sites in time.


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