Scammer List

Scammer List

Steroid Scammer List

We will list steroid scamming web sites here frequently. If you have scammed by any steroid scams please report us at via this link.

You have to provide your order number, full site domain and when you did buy in your message. We have to verify your orders first.

 Legal Steroids Scam

All below websites are claiming that they are selling Legal Steroids. It’s BS! Steroids are not legal so they do not sell steroids so simple. But they do market them as anabolic steroids and put their product names similar to well known steroids.

Deca-Durabol, NanDeca 300 or Deca 200 for Deca Durabolin, Winn50, Winnie Flex, Winni-V, Winstan 50 or Winnstral for Winstrol, Var-10, Anvarox 15 or Anavar-Ox 10 for Anavar, Dianabal-Dbol, Dianbolic 25 or D-Anabol 25 for Dianabol, Trenbolone-T 75, Trenex 100 or Tren 75 for Trenbolone, Test-600x, Test Flex for Testosterone, Adrol, Anadral-A 50 for Anadrol…. These products do not contain any real anabolic steroid substances they have just herbs!

Here is some of the websites:



(fake reviews page)

(They say they are operating since 2004 but domain record shows that they are launched at 2011.)

(Fake steroids)


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  • andy says:

    guys just wanna let you know about buyhghscotland FAKE FAKE FAKE,when i was asking about them their e mails were fast and furious, as soon as my money was taken the contact stopped , then they sent mail saying we Thailand we sent package Monday from Thailand, they said 6/10 days been 21 days now no contact

    need to be shut down ASAP

  • cristhyan says:
    tottally fake fake , scammers they just take my money shut down this web

  • Dave says:

    Been over a week now since last contact. Once they received my money all communication stopped. Out quite a bit of money. Total scammers here is part of emails they sent

    On Oct 28, 2014, at 11:37 PM, thesteroidpros wrote:

    David we spoke to you last night at 11:30pm at night. It is 10.30am here our store is open at 11 and dan is in at 2pm. He will contact you with tracking info then I am sure.

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