How to Inject Steroids

How to Inject Steroids

Injections of anabolic steroids must be intramuscular. Two things to know before settling down to inject yourself with a steroid are the location of the injection and accordingly the size of the needle to be used.

1. Safest areas for steroid injection in the body:

The safest places on your body for injecting steroids are the shoulder, thigh and glute. They typically provide a larger surface area for safe injection of the needle. However, finding a precise location for injection in these areas is important. You must not simply pick up a needle, stick it in your shoulder, thigh or glute and inject the steroid.

Injecting in the shoulderlocate the deltoid muscle for injecting the steroid. The deltoid is located below the bony part of shoulder bone, around two to four finger widths under the bone. Position the needle at an angle of 90 degrees and inject steroid in the middle of the deltoid muscle.

Injecting in the thighthe front outer part of thigh muscle is the safest place for steroid injection. This spot typically located between your hand’s width above the knee and your hand’s width below the joint of the hip.

Make sure to insert the needle in the most muscular portion of the front outer part to maintain a safe distance from the bone.

Injecting in the gluteyou can inject in any muscle in the upper, outer quadrant of your butt cheek. Other quadrants tend to be exceptionally sensitive to needles and you stand the risk of hitting large veins or nerves.

Choose the upper outer quadrant and you should be fine irrespective of the muscle you choose to inject.


2. Dimensions of the needle

Oil-based injections need a different sized needle than water-based injections. It helps to know which needle gauge and length is most suitable for your application.

Most oil-based injections like Deca or Primobolan Depot require a bigger gauge size for accommodating the solids in the steroid. A 22 or 23 gauge needle is suitable. Drugs like Winstrol Depot that have finer grade particles allow you to use 25 gauge needle and even finer water-based drugs like insulin injections facilitate the use of a 28 gauge needle. Bear in mind that the higher the gauge number, the smaller the needle.

The length of the needle should be chosen with respect to two factors – size of the muscle where you’re going to inject and the amount of sub-cutaneous fat the needle must go through before reaching a substantial depth. The glute muscle typically needs a 1.5” needle and the leaner you are, the smaller length of needle would be required.

Once you have both the factors decided, move on to the safe injection process. Follow the tips listed below for trouble-free and safe administration of the anabolic steroid.


1. Keep all materials required handy

Keep the syringe and steroid to be administered handy. It helps to choose a syringe that has a volume of at least twice the amount of solution to be injected. Sterilized needle, cotton and disinfectant, as well as some adhesive tape should also be kept nearby.

Check the expiry date on each of the drugs used – steroids, disinfectant, syringe, needle etc. also make sure that the vial has the correct drug in the correct strength and concentration.


2. Fill the syringe up

Suck up air in the syringe and insert needle on the vial. Turn the assembly upside down and create pressure by pumping air into the vial. Now swiftly pull the plunger back, aspirating the steroid solution. Keep the needle’s tip well below surface of the fluid so that no air bubbles are formed inside the syringe.

Finish by pulling the needle out of the vial and removing any air trapped in the syringe by pushing the plunger slowly in without wasting any solution.


3. Intramuscular Injection

Intramuscular Injection Steps

– Locate the muscle using the tips provided above.
-Disinfect the area using a swab of disinfectant on cotton wool and relax the muscle.
-Insert the needle straight in swiftly (at a 90-degree angle). Keep the needle only half way in, don’t go in too deep.
-To ensure you didn’t hit a vein, aspirate. If blood enters the syringe on aspiration, pull out and try another spot.
-If not, inject the steroid slowly.
-Press the plunger down with a finger and withdraw the needle.


4. Clean up

Use sterilized cotton on the spot for some time for relaxation and fix it with an adhesive tape. Rubbing some Vitamin E location on the site aids recovery in some people. Dispose off all waste – including the needle. Never use the same needle twice and never share your needle with anybody. Wash your hands to prevent contamination.


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