Before and After Steroids

Before and After Steroids

Changes in Size, Strength and Endurance of an Individual Before and After Steroids

While advantages of using anabolic steroids in performance enhancement and building mass and strength remains debatable, it has been established beyond doubt that roids do in fact, produce pronounced enhancements in size, strength and endurance. Several celebrities have admitted to the use of steriods and spoken about how, coupled with proper diet and training, steroid use has helped them win titles, prepare their bodies for special TV/film roles or perform better in sports.

Hulk HoganHulk Hogan – used steroids to gain muscle mass, bulk up and increase weight and size for his wrestling career. In 1994, Hulk Hogan admitted that he had been on gear since 1976 and had benefited from their anabolic effects.

Compare photographs of Hulk Hogan pre his steroid use days and its not difficult to interpret the role of juicing in creating Hulk Hogan and the craze of “Hulkamania”.

Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold admitted to using anabolic steroids for performance enhancement in, as far back as 1967. He claimed that the use was for maintaining muscles rather than building them.

The Strong Man Competitions which became Arnold’s claim to fame were courtesy of his hard work, dedication, good diet, proper exercise and – you guessed it – steroids.


stalloneSylvester Stalloneadmitted to using steroids for their anti aging properties. Compare his photos from the previous decade and you’ll realize he is not entirely wrong. And he is not the only celebrity to have used roids.

There are a number of celebrities who are juicing for their multiple benefits – some admit it and some don’t. In the list of celebrities who have openly spoken about their steroid usage is included Mickey Rourke. He admitted to using AAS along with diet and training for bulking up for his role as Randy.

Compare Mickey’s physique in the movie “The Wrestler” to his body in previous movies and you’ll notice the difference!

Marion Jones won five medals in the 2000 Olympics after having used roids during training. Ben Johnson admitted to have set the world record in running in 1987 while he was on roids. And the list goes on and on.


Effects of Steroids – differences in size, strength and performance before and after using steroids

They do increase size, strength and endurance without doubt. Their effects are in fact very pronounced and can be easily noticed. Apart from gaining muscle mass and increasing strength AAS work as your source of increased energy and aggressiveness, increasing your performance during workouts, endurance training and sports.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine provides empirical evidence to this effect. The study entitled “The effects of supraphysiologic doses of Testosterone on muscle size and strength in normal men” had a group of 43 men split into four groups. Each group subjected to varying levels of exercise and steriods.

Researches found that group with no exercise and no AAS experienced no significant changes in muscles. Group with no exercise and only drugs built approximately seven pounds of muscles while the group with no gear only exercise built around four pounds of muscles. However, the last group which was on exercise and AAS as well, was able to build around thirteen pounds of muscles!

Additionally, these cases help us do some very important myth-busting associated with the use of steroids:

after steroids

1. You’ll die if you take steroids

Those who discourage the use of AAS often do so by arguing that taking steroids of any kind will lead to addiction. Also once you’re addicted you’re dead. Not true.

Anabolic roids are normal drugs like your everyday Aspirin or Tylenol. Agreed, overusing and abusing roids will lead to addiction and fatal health complications. But so will the overuse and abuse of Aspirin or Tylenol. What is important is to maintain moderation and use them with proper judgment.

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2. All steroids cause side effects and negative consequences

Not true again. Side effects of steroids are largely dose related. Typically, orally administered roids are stronger and cause common side effects like persistent headache, jaundice, nausea or jitter. However, the consumption of other milder AAS or taking stronger AAS in moderation, coupled with proper diet and right exercise training will save you from the onset of side effects.

Additionally, it has been observed that injectables pose less threat to the liver and the heart, as well as the overall health of the steroid using individual. This is because injectables have no chemical structural modification called C17-alpha alkylation, which is attached to an anabolic steroid so as to get more potent when administered orally.

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While studies and real life examples can only go so far in explaining the positive effects of steroid usage when used in moderation. If you know how to properly use roids the difference before and after steroids is just the better look. I do recommend maximum 2 cycles in a year each no longer than 12 weeks with proper pct. Some supplements you must use when you are on gear are ; Omega 3 for hearth-cholesterol, Milk Thistle & ALA for liver support, hydration for kidneys and Multi Vitamin and Minerals for overall health. Finally you must be at least 21 years of age.


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